Beth Galic: Ask Questions, Stay Curious, Know Your Worth

By Amanda Starling posted 06-26-2023 02:44 PM


As a young girl, I remember touring manufacturing facilities in school and was fascinated with the companies. I imagined how interesting it would be to work in the industry. I wanted to find a career in manufacturing because I knew that it offered a wide variety of career pathways. As I started to find my place, as a woman innovator, I was met with resistance. It was a resistance to make any changes to business models from the old ways. To overcome this, I provided regular training sessions, one-on-one meetings, and created training materials my staff could use to help make them more proficient. I learned that education, communication and persistence are key to get people to listen and trust your opinion.

As more women become interested in manufacturing, I encourage them to be curious and take advantage of any learning opportunity. There are so many options for an exciting career in the manufacturing industry. And remember, if you are that girl like I was, going on manufacturing tours and mesmerized by the excitement and energy of how things are made, don’t be afraid to ask questions and show your excitement. Believe in yourself! Know. Your. Worth.

Beth Galic serves as the Executive Director of the Bay Area Manufacturers Association (BAMA) and holds a bachelor's degree in communications. You can reach her at (727) 536-5809.